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What a Strange Half a Year It's Been

If you look just at the strength of companies in the S&P 500, earnings growth is looking to be above 19% and this is following over 24% in the 1st qtr. Consumer sentiment remains high, the Small Business Optimism index hit its 6th highest reading in history, the job market is robust, wages are starting to increase-things are looking pretty rosy. What hasn’t been fun is the market itself.

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5 Common Myths You Should Know About Financial Advice

"My advisor should help me get out of low-performing investments—and get into high-performing investments" / "My advisor only focuses on my account balance—everything else is up to me"/ "When the market swings, my advisor should make a change to my portfolio." / "If my portfolio doesn’t include the most popular investments, my advisor isn’t doing a good job."/ "I only need an advisor if my portfolio is complex."

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